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3 Benefits of chatbots in your business

Brand Reach

When someone interacts with your Facebook Messenger bot, they are automatically added to your Messenger mailing list. This will lead to best Brand Awareness, Credibility and Reach.

Brand Engagment

Messenger bots allow you to engage your audience as if you were right there with them, even though you may be hundreds of miles away from your computer.​

Nurturing Your Customers

People like to feel as if they’re talking directly to you and that you are paying close attention to their needs. The messages that viewers receive are based on the answers they provide or selections they choose. This makes the entire experience feel personal.

What is A chatbot ?

A Chatbot is a software or computer program  which uses artificial intelligence principles and interacts via text messenger platform  to carry on a conversation which mimics human interaction.  The history of chatbot goes back to 1966 when first Chatbot ELIZA was born.  However, in 2016 Facebook opened its messenger platform to use Chatbots.  Since, then it has grown exponentially.

How does a Chatbot Work?

A chatbot is your assistant who answers questions or performs conversations on your behalf to save you time and gives you or your business omnipresence.  When set up properly it can buy you time and save you money while increasing brand reach.  A recent survey by gives following data … (You can find 52-page report here) 

Our Process

The following is our chatbot development process.  The whole duration of consultation to deliver is 14 days or 2 weeks if all we need for setting up your bot. 

Example Chatbots

Conference or Live Event Bot
(Part) Demo

Product Info (Part) Demo for Service Providers



Increase Webinar or FB Live Attendance


Book Appointments or Meetings


Get People register to you FB challenge


Deliver promotion coupons


Improve Newsletter or Blog Click Thru Rate 


Giveaway Freebies or promotion to build List

Business Owners
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Personal Trainers




Financial Planners


Events Planners


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