Making Business Technology and Automation Stress-Free for Business Success

I'm Sudha Mani

I try my best to inspire, influence and invigorate my clients.  With the combined expertise in both business and computer science I feel I have a distinctive prospective to help businesses to innovate solutions to become the market leaders and Thrive in any Economy. I started my careers as Tech Entrepreneur after finishing computer science degree while working full time as Oracle Database administrator in the year 1995.  Then, self-taught myself to develop web applications using Java – J2EE and other open source technologies.  I love coding and developing software systems helped businesses to streamline their processes. In the year 2000, I moved to the UK to work for British Petroleum as Technical Architect.  Since then I have been consulting within Business Change and Transformation projects for investment banking, financial services, private and public sectors. 

When I realised I forgot about my dream and started going with the flow, I broke the pattern and started working with small and medium size businesses to go digital using right strategies to innovate, disrupt and thrive in any economy using growth strategies.  I develop websites, web applications, mobile apps and AI applications for businesses.  I love coding with open source frameworks esp Python, PHP and JAVA to build Blockchain and artificial intelligence apps.

Next to building systems, I love speaking on Stage.  I speak on Business Technology subjects such as Agile Methodology, Business Process Automation, DevOps and Software Development methodologies.   I also speaks on business communication subjects such as Emotional Intelligence for technology leaders, perfect business presentation without notes, Business and Brand Storytelling and finding your signature leadership style.

This is my passion and I believe purpose of my life. I love empowering girls to get into STEM subjects, women into leadership and business.  I love to speak at events, schools and colleges to empower young leaders to lead with integrity, zeal and vigour they possess.


Phone: +44 789 618 6521
MON-FRI 09:00 - 17:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 12:00