Find the plan that works for you!

We have 3 plans which you can choose based on your budget. We are not just marketers who develop chatbots. We are IT developers who develop Chatbots so you can be stress free and you get the best advice from us. We will not mislead you in anyway. You are are paying for the expertise and best after support you would ever get.

Plans & Pricing

I would suggest that you go with basic plan see ROI and results before you invest more with us.

Silver Plan

£ 2499 Setup Fees
  • Opt-in Flow
  • 1 x Follow up or Subscription Sequence (3 message)
  • 1x Reference Link
  • Messenger Code Setup
  • 2 Growth Tools Setup

Gold Plan

£ Ask Us Setup Fees
  • Opt-in Flow
  • 2 x Follow up or Subscription Flow Sequence (5 message)
  • 3 x Reference Links
  • Messenger Code Setup
  • 3 Product/Service Setup
  • CRM Integration
  • List building Flow
  • Google Sheet Integration
  • Simple Tracking, Analytics and Segmentation

Platinum Plan

£ Ask Us Setup Fees
  • Opt-in Flow
  • 3 Follow up Sequence (7 messages max)
  • 10 x Reference Links
  • Messenger Code Setup
  • 6 Product/Services Setup
  • CRM Integration
  • List building Flow
  • Google Sheet Integration
  • Advanced Tracking, Analytics and Segmentation
  • Post Comment and Ads Integration
  • Custom AI Integration
  • New Content Broadcast
  • Live Event Broadcast

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Chat or Messenger Bot?

Chatbots are programs uses artificial intelligence (AI) principles to carry out conversation by answering questions.  Facebook Messenger currently has 1.2 billion active users every single month.

According to a FaceBook survey (2018), 61% people in the UK messaged business in last 3 months, 53% are more likely to buy products via messenger and 1 in 2 would rather communicate via messenger.

How long does it take for my chatbot to setup?

Normally, it take about 14-21 days from the day the contract is signed, 50% deposit is made and all relevant subscriptions are purchase.  It is expected that you provide us with all information we need to deliver the bot in a timely manner. 

What are the requirements for me to setup the chatbot?

It is expected you have a business page for your business and messaging feature is turned on.  In some instances it is expected we have to set up Facebook ads to drive traffic to your page until get enough traction.

How can chatbot help me in my business?

According to a Gartner report by 2020, 85% of customer-business relationships will be conducted without human interaction.  

Chatbots will help businesses streamline their processes such as answering FAQ, suggesting appropriate products, educating customer and many other time consuming operations can be delivered through chatbots.  Please see some of the uses cases below.

What is involved in maintenance and why do I need it?

Once we setup the chatbot, it needs to be maintained as it is relatively new technology it is expected to be maintained. The Chatbots need to be optimised for getting the right outcomes for you and your business so tweaks are needed, that’s what we do in our maintenance programs.

Is there additional cost involved beyond the Setup fees?

Yes, all chatbot platforms run subscription model based on how many is on your list and what features you are using.  If you want your chatbot to be automated, then we need other tools.  As you are the owner of the page and business you have to incur those costs. 



Increase Webinar or FB Live Attendance


Book Appointments or Meetings


Get People register to you FB challenge


Deliver promotion coupons


Improve Newsletter or Blog Click Thru Rate 


Giveaway Freebies or promotion to build List


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